Monday, March 21, 2005

[Tips] Slacker Manager Posted by Hello
Well, after the 'Slacker@Work' manifesto was made available at, I noticed that I still had plenty more to say about being a slacker at work. So here we go...hope you find something useful.
Brendon Connelly is a slacker, but not the lazy type. He defines slackers as "people who are good at doing what is important to them." I am a slacker. I'm always talking to friends and family about why they work and stress so hard and why I do just as well as them (in my not so humble opinion) and don't stress or overexert on unneccesary tasks.

Anyway, read this guy's Manifesto and if it agrees with you maybe his blog will as well.



Blogger Brendon said...

Hey, always great to meet a fellow slacker, Andy! :-)

7:40 PM  

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