Thursday, July 14, 2005

[Humor] CollegeHumor Posted by Picasa was founded in 1999 by two high school friends from Baltimore, Maryland who went to different colleges as a way to share all of the funny things floating around their college’s computer networks and has grown into a lot more.

If something’s funny on the Internet, it’s either on here or linked from here. We have the biggest collection of movies, pictures, jokes, and games that you’ll find just about anywhere. We also have a writing staff of people that are so funny, they’re not allowed to attend funerals! This website is bigger than And since The Beatles were bigger than Jesus, that says a lot.
I've been a fan of this site since it looked like this. (Way back when I was in college.) In spite of its name there's not much academic about the site, but if you're gonna goof off on the Internet you might as well have some laughs, right?

I remember when they had their own video show back in the day and I remember being excited for them when it got picked up by some college TV network. I remember thinking how cool it was when I recognized the host of that show, Chris Wylde, in some bit parts in movies and then as the rapping nanny on American Idol.

And today I read that their working with the guy who did The Mummy to make an Animal House style movie based on their comedic work at Don't know how that's gonna work out, but congrats, that's pretty big time.

Anyway, this site has always had a great staff of young writers, great humorous links, and one of the best funny, viral, Internet picture collections around. In fact they might even be responsible for the whole viral e-mail forward thing as we know it. ;)



Blogger Chads100 said...

I remember that show, it was on our network at Ferris State University in Michigan. Some of the funniest and sickest things ever were on that show. My roomies and I always grabbed a beer laughed our @sses off when it came on. In one episode Chris had a dude lick the nasty toilet for like $50. Do you know where you can find those vids? As far as they act like they have never heard of the show. The actual name I remember on the show was called "Sex, Violence,". Thanks for the help.

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